Friday, April 20, 2012

Korean Celebrity look alike

So many korean celebrity look alike,who is that??

1.The first is SNSD Yoona and F(X) Krystal.

Snsd yoona:

Name :Im Yoona

Birthdate :30 may 1990

F(X) Krystal

Name :Jung Soo Jung

Stage name :Krystal

Birthdate :24 october 1994

they pict look alike:

2.Jun Ji Hyun and Miss A Suzy

Jeon Ji Hyun:

Name :Jeon Ji Hyun

Birthdate :30 october 1981

Job :Korean Actress

Suzy :

Name :Bae SuJi

Stage name :Suzy

Birthdate :10 october 1994

Job :Singer in Girl group Miss A

They pict:

3.SNSD Jessica and T-ara HyoMin

SNSD Jessica :

Name :Jung Soo Yeon

Stage name :Jessica

Birthdate :18 april 1989

Job :Main Vocalist in girl group SNSD/Girl's Generation

T-ara HyoMin :

Name :Park Sun Young

Stage name :Hyomin

Birthdate :30 may 1989

Job :Lead singer in girl group T-ara

They Pict :

4.Kim Tae Hee and T-ara JiYeon

Kim Tae Hee :

Name :Kim Tae Hee

Birthdate :29 march 1980

Job :Actress and Model

T-ara JiYeon :

Name :Park Ji Yeon

Birthdate :7 june 1993

Job :Singer in girl group T-ara

they pict:

What do u think??they really look alike right??especially Krystal and Yoona their really so look alike!!okay in the next posting,i will posting about korean celebrity boy/man look alike. ^^


  1. Nice post. I'm just curious why they cay look alike? surgery?

  2. suzy and ji hyun DOES NOT LOOK ALIKE AT ALL